CIKM 2021 AnalytiCup is an open competition including compelling data challenges aimed at members of the industry and academia interested in information and knowledge management. The challenges will be rolled out progressively and last for several months. The final solutions will be presented at the CIKM 2021 AnalytiCup which is to be held in conjunction with the CIKM conference during November 2021. the world.

This year’s AnalytiCup is organized by QQ Browser, Tencent. Official task page can be found here. There are two tracks, ‘Multimodal Video Understanding’ and ‘Automated Hyperparameter Optimization of Recommendation System’, in this competition. We are looking forward to the great ideas and solutions from industry and academia all around.


  • 2021-08-15 12:00:00 (UTC+8): Registration opens
  • 2021-08-15 12:00:00 (UTC+8): Preliminary round submission starts
  • 2021-09-05 12:00:00 (UTC+8): Identity verification deadline
  • 2021-09-20 12:00:00 (UTC+8): Team joining, leaving and team name changing deadline
  • 2021-09-29 11:59:59 (UTC+8): Preliminary round submission ends
  • 2021-9-30 15:00:00 (UTC+8): Preliminary round Leaderboard final updates. The top 5% of all the teams (no more than 50 teams for each track, subject to organizer alternation) would move on to the final.

  • 2021-10-01 12:00:00 (UTC+8): Final round datasets release and submission starts
  • 2021-10-15 11:59:59 (UTC+8): Final round submission ends
  • 2021-10-15 - 2021-10-30 (UTC+8): Challenge award notification, code submission and paper submission
  • 2021-11-01 - 2021- 11- 05 (UTC+10): CIKM conference


Track 1 Multimodal Video Understanding

  • 1st place: RMB 200,000 per team
  • 2nd place: RMB 50,000 per team
  • 3rd place: RMB 20,000 per team
  • 4th place: RMB 10,000 per team
  • 5th to 20th places: RMB 3,000 per team

The top team will have a chance to give a presentation in CIKM.

Track 2: Automated Hyperparameter Optimization of Recommendation System

  • 1st place: RMB 30,000 per team
  • 2nd place: RMB 15,000 per team
  • 3rd place: RMB 10,000 per team
  • 4th to 20th places: RMB 2,000 per team

The top team will have a chance to give a presentation in CIKM.

There are also Weekly Champion Award, Weekly Top Progress Award, Recruiting green channels and chances for deep communication. Each member in the team who registered and submitted a valid result will get a T-shirt and electronic participant certification

AnalytiCup Chair:

  • Miao Xu, University of Queensland, Australia.