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Poster Session 6A-6F

First presentation

Start: 2021-11-04 14:10

End: 2021-11-04 15:10

Second presentation

Start: 2021-11-05 02:10

End: 2021-11-05 03:10

Papers in this session

All full and applied papers in the corresponding sessions will have a poster here. In addition, there will also be these short/resource/demo papers:

Crowdsourcing & Human Computation
de3134 PyTFL: A Python-based Neural Team Formation Toolkit
Entities and Relations
rgsp2554 Evidential Relational-Graph Convolutional Networks for Entity Classification in Knowledge Graphs
rsfp3056 Machamp: A Generalized Entity Matching Benchmark
rgsp2703 A Conditional Cascade Model for Relational Triple Extraction
rgsp2570 Tabular Data Concept Type Detection Using Star-Transformers
rgsp2685 FairER: Entity Resolution With Fairness Constraints
rgsp2301 Uncertainty-Aware Self-Training for Semi-Supervised Event Temporal Relation Extraction
Interpretability and explanations
de3048 FairCORELS, an Open-Source Library for Learning Fair Rule Lists
de3096 Landmark Explanation: An Explainer for Entity Matching Models
Sequential and Temporal Recommendation
rgsp2237 Time-Aware Recommender System via Continuous-Time Modeling
rgsp2628 Locker: Locally Constrained Self-Attentive Sequential Recommendation
rgsp2951 CauSeR: Causal Session-based Recommendations for Handling Popularity Bias
rgsp2596 Modeling Sequences as Distributions with Uncertainty for Sequential Recommendation
Performance and Temporality issues in Graph Neural Networks
rgsp2873 AdaptiveGCN: Efficient GCN Through Adaptively Sparsifying Graphs
rgsp1346 Graph-based Semi-Supervised Learning by Strengthening Local Label Consistency
Idiosyncratic Graph Mining
rgsp0243 REFINE: Random RangE FInder for Network Embedding
rgsp2727 Boosting Graph Alignment Algorithms
rgsp2631 ANEMONE: Graph Anomaly Detection with Multi-Scale Contrastive Learning
rgsp2567 DESTINE: Dense Subgraph Detection on Multi-Layered Networks
de3122 OpenAttHetRL: An Open Source Toolkit for Attributed Heterogeneous Network Representation Learning
de0698 A Cohesive Structure Based Bipartite Graph Analytics System
rgsp2457 Operation Diagnosis on Procedure Graph: The Task and Dataset
  • Papers highlighted in gold indicate the paper has been shortlisted for a best paper award.
These are not the only posters that are presented; poster sessions also includes full/applied papers.