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Poster Session 5A-5E

First presentation

Start: 2021-11-04 11:50

End: 2021-11-04 12:50

Second presentation

Start: 2021-11-04 23:50

End: 2021-11-05 00:50

Papers in this session

All full and applied papers in the corresponding sessions will have a poster here. In addition, there will also be these short/resource/demo papers:

Cybersecurity, threats and frauds
rsfp3060 TwiBot-20: A Comprehensive Twitter Bot Detection Benchmark
rsfp0630 Evaluating Graph Vulnerability and Robustness using TIGER
rgsp2354 Adversarial Reprogramming of Pretrained Neural Networks for Fraud Detection
rgsp2498 Fine-Grained Element Identification in Complaint Text of Internet Fraud
rgsp2958 GraphEvolveDroid: Mitigate Model Degradation in the Scenario of Android Ecosystem Evolution
Text Mining
rgsp2629 Density-Based Dynamic Curriculum Learning for Intent Detection
rgsp2653 Multi-Sentence Argument Linking via An Event-Aware Hierarchical Encoder
rgsp2699 Aspect Sentiment Triplet Extraction Using Reinforcement Learning
rgsp2997 Cformer: Semi-Supervised Text Clustering Based on Pseudo Labeling
rgsp2676 Self-Supervised Learning based on Sentiment Analysis with Word Weight Calculation
rgsp1173 Deep Active Learning for Text Classification with Diverse Interpretations
rgsp2760 How to Leverage a Multi-layered Transformer Language Model for Text Clustering: an Ensemble Approach
rgsp2263 Leveraging Domain Information to Classify Financial Documents via Unsupervised Graph Momentum Contrast
de3090 TagPick: A System for Bridging Micro-Video Hashtags and E-commerce Categories
rsfp3105 QuaPy: A Python-Based Framework for Quantification
rgsp2579 Age Inference Using A Hierarchical Attention Neural Network
de3124 Form 10-Q Itemization
Neural Architecture Search
rgsp2949 Neuron Campaign for Initialization Guided by Information Bottleneck Theory
rgsp2446 Learning Effective and Efficient Embedding via an Adaptively-Masked Twins-based Layer
Social Networks
de3063 RW-Team: Robust Team Formation using Random Walk
de3089 DLQ: A System for Label-Constrained Reachability Queries on Dynamic Graphs
rgsp2851 Collaborative Experts Discovery in Social Coding Platforms
de3075 From Community Search to Community Understanding: A Multimodal Community Query Engine
rgsp2390 Locate Who You Are: Matching Geo-location to Text for User Identity Linkage
Urban Computing
rgsp2617 LTPHM: Long-term Traffic Prediction based on Hybrid Model
rgsp2547 Multivariate and Propagation Graph Attention Network for Spatial-Temporal Prediction with Outdoor Cellular Traffic
rsfp3057 DL-Traff: Survey and Benchmark of Deep Learning Models for Urban Traffic Prediction
de3141 A Semantic Data Marketplace for Easy Data Sharing within a Smart City
rsfp3163 GeoVectors: A Linked Open Corpus of OpenStreetMap Embeddings on World Scale
rgsp2320 Vandalism Detection in OpenStreetMap via User Embeddings
  • Papers highlighted in gold indicate the paper has been shortlisted for a best paper award.
These are not the only posters that are presented; poster sessions also includes full/applied papers.