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Poster Session 4A-4F

First presentation

Start: 2021-11-03 14:10

End: 2021-11-03 15:10

Second presentation

Start: 2021-11-04 02:10

End: 2021-11-04 03:10

Papers in this session

All full and applied papers in the corresponding sessions will have a poster here. In addition, there will also be these short/resource/demo papers:

Graph Neural Networks
rgsp2686 Variational Graph Normalized AutoEncoders
rgsp2612 Multimodal Graph Meta Contrastive Learning
rgsp2602 Label-informed Graph Structure Learning for Node Classification
rgsp2622 Capsule Graph Neural Networks with EM Routing
rgsp0126 Spectral Graph Attention Network with Fast Eigen-approximation
rgsp2380 Towards Anomaly-resistant Graph Neural Networks via Reinforcement Learning
rgsp2975 Integrating Transductive and Inductive Embeddings Improves Link Prediction Accuracy
rgsp3032 Projective Ranking: A Transferable Evasion Attack Method on Graph Neural Networks
Health and Bio Data
rgsp2725 Accelerating Variant Calling on Human Genomes Using a Commodity Cluster
rgsp2328 Supervised Contrastive Learning for Multimodal Unreliable News Detection in COVID-19 Pandemic
rgsp2382 Will Sorafenib Help?: Treatment-aware Reranking in Precision Medicine Search
de3102 Health Claims Unpacked: A toolkit to Enhance the Communication of Health Claims for Food
de3130 RCES: Rapid Cues Exploratory Search Using Taxonomies For COVID-19
rgsp2788 Knowledge-Aware Neural Networks for Medical Forum Question Classification
de3068 MVQAS: A Medical Visual Question Answering System
rgsp2634 GDFM: Gene Vectors Embodied Deep Attentional Factorization Machines for Interaction prediction
rgsp3000 Misbeliefs and Biases in Health-Related Searches
de3113 SearchEHR: A Family History Search System for Clinical Decision Support
de3058 IMAS++: An Intelligent Medical Analysis System Enhanced with Deep Graph Neural Networks
Search and Retrieval: focus on representations and learning
rgsp2654 Learning Sparse Binary Code for Maximum Inner Product Search
rgsp2243 Adversarial Domain Adaptation for Cross-lingual Information Retrieval with Multilingual BERT
rgsp2494 Query-driven Segment Selection for Ranking Long Documents
rgsp2924 Is a Single Model Enough? MuCoS: A Multi-Model Ensemble Learning Approach for Semantic Code Search
rgsp2569 Predicting Efficiency/Effectiveness Trade-offs for Dense vs. Sparse Retrieval Strategy Selection
rgsp2716 Improving Query Representations for Dense Retrieval with Pseudo Relevance Feedback
rgsp2674 Self-supervised Fine-tuning for Efficient Passage Re-ranking
rgsp2932 DML: Dynamic Multi-Granularity Learning for BERT-Based Document Reranking
rgsp2960 Query Embedding Pruning for Dense Retrieval
rgsp2995 On Approximate Nearest Neighbour Selection for Multi-Stage Dense Retrieval
rsfp3120 PyTerrier: Declarative Experimentation in Python from BM25 to Dense Retrieval
de3138 CLC-RS: A Chinese Legal Case Retrieval System with Masked Language Ranking
rsfp3083 ULTRA: An Unbiased Learning To Rank Algorithm Toolbox
rgsp2756 MGNETS: Multi-Graph Neural Networks for Table Search
Dealing with Spatio-temporal Data
rgsp3010 BiCMTS: Bidirectional Coupled Multivariate Learning of Irregular Time Series with Missing Values
rgsp0192 Historical Inertia: A Neglected but Powerful Baseline for Long Sequence Time-series Forecasting
rgsp2333 Discovering Time-invariant Causal Structure from Temporal Data
rgsp3010 BiCMTS: Bidirectional Coupled Multivariate Learning of Irregular Time Series with Missing Values
rgsp2808 Centerpoint Query Authentication
rgsp2273 Discovery of Temporal Graph Functional Dependencies
rgsp2665 Region Invariant Normalizing Flows for Mobility Transfer
rgsp2553 AGCNT: Adaptive Graph Convolutional Network for Transformer-based Long Sequence Time-Series Forecasting
rgsp2463 Accurate Online Tensor Factorization for Temporal Tensor Streams with Missing Values
rsfp1460 PyTorch Geometric Temporal: Spatiotemporal Signal Processing with Neural Machine Learning Models
rgsp2437 Temporal Network Embedding via Tensor Factorization
rgsp2782 Reevaluating the Change Point Detection Problem with Segment-based Bayesian Online Detection
Algorithmic Issues in Graph Mining
rgsp2587 Self-Supervised Embedding for Subspace Clustering
rgsp2804 Graph Representation Learning via Adversarial Variational Bayes
rgsp2453 Graph Embedding via Diffusion-Wavelets-Based Node Feature Distribution Characterization
rgsp0099 Embedding Node Structural Role Identity Using Stress Majorization
rgsp2640 Role-oriented Network Embedding Based on Adversarial Learning between Higher-order and Local Features
rgsp2627 Attention Based Subgraph Classification for Link Prediction by Network Re-weighting
rgsp2563 VerSaChI: Finding Statistically Significant Subgraph Matches using Chebyshev's Inequality
rgsp2482 Subtractive Aggregation for Attributed Network Anomaly Detection
Privacy and Cybersecurity
de3084 SaDes: An Interactive System for Sensitivity-aware Desensitization towards Tabular Data
rgsp2277 Variational Cross-Network Embedding for Anonymized User Identity Linkage
rgsp2790 Multi-objective Privacy-preserving Text Representation Learning
  • Papers highlighted in gold indicate the paper has been shortlisted for a best paper award.
These are not the only posters that are presented; poster sessions also includes full/applied papers.