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Poster Session 3A-3F

First presentation

Start: 2021-11-03 11:50

End: 2021-11-03 12:50

Second presentation

Start: 2021-11-03 23:50

End: 2021-11-04 00:50

Papers in this session

All full and applied papers in the corresponding sessions will have a poster here. In addition, there will also be these short/resource/demo papers:

Fake news, rumours and fact checking (harmful online content)
rgsp2611 MDFEND: Multi-domain Fake News Detection
rgsp2538 Using Topic Modeling and Adversarial Neural Networks for Fake News Video Detection
rgsp2533 Modeling Inter-Claim Interactions for Verifying Multiple Claims
de3100 Discovering Conflicts of Interest across Heterogeneous Data Sources with ConnectionLens
rgsp2911 CrossAug: A Contrastive Data Augmentation Method for Debiasing Fact Verification Models
de3108 FaxPlainAC: A Fact-Checking Tool Based on EXPLAINable Models with HumAn Correction in the Loop
de3116 WhatTheWikiFact: Fact-Checking Claims Against Wikipedia
Knowledge Graphs Embeddings and Representations
rgsp2862 SeDyT: A General Framework for Multi-Step Event Forecasting via Sequence Modeling on Dynamic Entity Embeddings
de3069 PRASEMap: A Probabilistic Reasoning and Semantic Embedding based Knowledge Graph Alignment System
Recommendation and Collaborative Filtering
rgsp2679 Causally Attentive Collaborative Filtering
rgsp2462 Entity-aware Collaborative Relation Network with Knowledge Graph for Recommendation
rgsp2552 Anchor-based Collaborative Filtering
rgsp2458 Vector-Quantized Autoencoder With Copula for Collaborative Filtering
rgsp2379 XPL-CF: Explainable Embeddings for Feature-based Collaborative Filtering
rsfp3167 RecBole: Towards a Unified, Comprehensive and Efficient Framework for Recommendation Algorithms
rsfp3146 librec-auto: A Tool for Recommender Systems Experimentation
rgsp2944 Predicting Success of a Persuasion through Joint Modeling of Utterance Categorization
rgsp2518 Simulated Annealing for Emotional Dialogue Systems
rgsp0113 DialogueBERT: A Self-Supervised Learning based Dialogue Pre-training Encoder
rgsp2695 Question Rewriting for Open-Domain Conversational QA: Best Practices and Limitations
Scalability issues in Machine Learning
rgsp2293 FedSkel: Efficient Federated Learning on Heterogeneous Systems with Skeleton Gradients Update
rgsp2319 New Tight Relaxations of Rank Minimization for Multi-Task Learning
rsfp2031 LC: A Flexible, Extensible Open-Source Toolkit for Model Compression
rgsp2444 Binary Code based Hash Embedding for Web-scale Applications
Domain Specific Data Mining
rgsp2408 Constructing Noise Free Economic Policy Uncertainty Index
rgsp2404 Distilling Numeral Information for Volatility Forecasting
rgsp2931 Understanding Multi-channel Customer Behavior in Retail
de3059 DORA THE EXPLORER: Exploring Very Large Data With Interactive Deep Reinforcement Learning
rgsp2011 CoSEM: Contextual and Semantic Embedding for App Usage Prediction
rgsp2435 Asterisk-Shaped Features for Tabular Data
rgsp2447 Unsupervised Cross-system Log Anomaly Detection via Domain Adaptation
rgsp0116 Disentangled Self-Attentive Neural Networks for Click-Through Rate Prediction
  • Papers highlighted in gold indicate the paper has been shortlisted for a best paper award.
These are not the only posters that are presented; poster sessions also includes full/applied papers.