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Poster Session 2A-2F

First presentation

Start: 2021-11-02 14:10

End: 2021-11-02 15:10

Second presentation

Start: 2021-11-03 02:10

End: 2021-11-03 03:10

Papers in this session

All full and applied papers in the corresponding sessions will have a poster here. In addition, there will also be these short/resource/demo papers:

Domain-Specific & POI Recommendation
rgsp2428 DeepGroup: Group Recommendation with Implicit Feedback
rgsp2278 Low-dimensional Alignment for Cross-Domain Recommendation
rgsp2487 Recommending Datasets for Scientific Problem Descriptions
rgsp2244 ST-PIL: Spatial-Temporal Periodic Interest Learning for Next Point-of-Interest Recommendation
Knowlege Graphs
rgsp2590 DSKReG: Differentiable Sampling on Knowledge Graph for Recommendation with Relational GNN
rsfp0287 DistRDF2ML - Scalable Distributed In-Memory Machine Learning Pipelines for RDF Knowledge Graphs
rsfp2285 GAKG: A Multimodal Geoscience Academic Knowledge Graph
rsfp3110 SoMeSci— A 5 Star Open Data Gold Standard Knowledge Graph of Software Mentions in Scientific Articles
rsfp3164 WorldKG: A World-Scale Geographic Knowledge Graph
de3101 AliMe MKG: A Multi-modal Knowledge Graph for Live-streaming E-commerce
de3086 An RDF Data Management System for Conflict Casualties
de3181 SPARQL-vision: A Platform for Querying, Visualising and Exploring SPARQL endpoints
Machine Learning
rgsp2633 Adversarial Learning for Incentive Optimization in Mobile Payment Marketing
rgsp2595 Smoothing with Fake Label
rgsp2974 Robust Adaptive-weighting Multi-view Classification
rgsp2664 Evaluating the Prediction Bias Induced by Label Imbalance in Multi-label Classification
rgsp2436 Fair and Robust Classification Under Sample Selection Bias
rgsp2920 Multi-objective Few-shot Learning for Fair Classification
rgsp2762 Fairness-Aware Unsupervised Feature Selection
de3080 CauseBox: A Causal Inference Toolbox for BenchmarkingTreatment Effect Estimators with Machine Learning Methods
rgsp2658 Multi-Task Self-Supervised Learning for Script Event Prediction
rgsp0218 Mitigating Deep Double Descent by Concatenating Inputs
Users and User Modelling
rgsp2771 On Skipping Behaviour Types in Music Streaming Sessions
rsfp3066 MOOCCubeX: A Large Knowledge-centered Repository for Adaptive Learning in MOOCs
rgsp0493 Learning Representations of Inactive Users: A Cross Domain Approach with Graph Neural Networks
rgsp2582 Relation-aware Heterogeneous Graph for User Profiling
rgsp2393 Trilateral Spatiotemporal Attention Network for User Behavior Modeling in Location-based Search
Algorithmic Aspects of NLP
rgsp0441 Boosting Few-shot Abstractive Summarization with Auxiliary Tasks
rgsp2271 SCOPA: Soft Code-Switching and Pairwise Alignment for Zero-Shot Cross-lingual Transfer
rgsp2526 HiCoVA: Hierarchical Conditional Variational Autoencoder for Keyphrase Generation
rgsp2715 GGP: A Graph-based Grouping Planner for Explicit Control of Long Text Generation
rgsp0952 Enhancing Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis with Supervised Contrastive Learning
rgsp2854 Span-level Emotion Cause Analysis with Neural Sequence Tagging
rgsp2651 Span-Level Emotion Cause Analysis by BERT-based Graph Attention Network
rgsp2456 Grad-SAM: Explaining Transformers via Gradient Self-Attention Maps
Computational Advertising
rgsp2504 AutoHERI: Automated Hierarchical Representation Integration for Post-Click Conversion Rate Estimation
rgsp2865 The Effect of News Article Quality on Ad Consumption
rgsp2901 MixBERT for Image-Ad Relevance Scoring in Advertising
rgsp2970 SMAD: Scalable Multi-view Ad Retrieval System for E-Commerce Sponsored Search
  • Papers highlighted in gold indicate the paper has been shortlisted for a best paper award.
These are not the only posters that are presented; poster sessions also includes full/applied papers.