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Session 1D: Dealing with Difficult Data (Data Quality, Data Curation and De-noising)

First presentation

Chair: Miao Xu

Start: 2021-11-02 10:40

End: 2021-11-02 11:50

Second presentation

Chair: Kevin Roitero

Start: 2021-11-02 22:40

End: 2021-11-02 23:50

Papers in this session

rgfp1046 Explanations for Data Repair Through Shapley Values
afp1932 Causal-Aware Generative Imputation for Automated Underwriting
rgfp0915 Automated Selection of Multiple Datasets for Extension by Integration
rgfp0403 Adversarial Kernel Sampling on Class-imbalanced Data Streams
rgfp1291 BNN: Boosting Neural Network Framework Utilizing Limited Amount of Data
rgfp2169 ScarceGAN: Discriminative Classification Framework for Rare Class Identification for Longitudinal Data with Weak Prior
rgfp0350 Speedup Robust Graph Structure Learning with Low-Rank Information
afp0230 From Limited Annotated Raw Material Data to Quality Production Data: A Case Study in the Milk Industry
rgfp1176 Pulling Up by the Causal Bootstraps: Causal Data Augmentation for Pre-training Debiasing
rgfp1783 Tabular Functional Block Detection with Embedding-based Agglomerative Cell Clustering
rgfp0312 A Unified View on Graph Neural Networks as Graph Signal Denoising
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  • Papers highlighted in gold indicate the paper has been shortlisted for a best paper award (and will also be presented live).
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