Submission FAQ

Q: How can authors register and when is the author registration deadline?

A: At this point, we are finalising the development of the registration system. We will contact all authors with more information when the registration link is ready.

Q: When should authors of accepted submissions expect to receive e-mails from ACM about copyright forms and camera ready instructions?

A: Monday, 16th August.

Q: Can the camera ready version of my paper go beyond the page limit?

A: No, the camera ready version needs to respect the limits per paper type specified in the CFP.

Q: Can the emails on paper be different from the ones in submission system?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I still update the authors on my paper?

A: You may only make the following changes to the authors on your paper:

  • Change author affiliations
  • Change author emails
  • Change author order

You may not add or remove any authors or change the names of any authors.

You must make these changes on the forms you submit to the ACM. No further changes are possible once the camera ready version and associated forms are submitted to the ACM.

Q: Do authors need to upload a pre-recorded video as part of their camera-ready submission?

A: You have the option to upload a video for inclusion in the ACM digital library for long-term availability together with the PDF file, but it is not mandatory to do so. You will be required later to prepare and upload pre-recorded video presentations to the online conference platform for use during the conference week. More details about length requirements for the conference videos will follow.

Q: When should full papers be submitted?

A: Authors must submit a complete abstract by the abstract deadline (19 May anywhere in the world). All placeholder abstracts will be deleted and authors will not be able to submit a paper.

Q: Are we allow to put the draft on Arxiv?

A: ArXiV is not forbidden but understand the risks and you should at least modify the title and abstract to minimize the problems. It is common practice to allow ArXiv in ML but usually papers are there before being published. Submitting them after going into review is sometimes a little dodgy as it is sometimes done to intentionally break blind during the PC bidding process to make it easier to collude.

Q: Can papers have an appendix?

A: Full papers must be 9 pages of content. Papers that include an appendix that exceeds the 9 page content limitation will be desk rejected (we recommend adding the appendix before references to make it clear to reviewers the paper fits within page limits; in the camera-ready, you will be able to move it after the references, but still within the content size limits). Our suggestion is not to have any appendices and put whatever you were going to write there into the relevant section of your paper (this approach is far more likely to be read carefully by reviewers and essential details are far less likely to be missed).

Q: Is there a separate abstract submission link?

A: No, please upload the abstract by the abstract deadline, and update your existing submission with your paper by the final submission deadline.

Q: What time do submissions close for my deadline?

A: All submission deadlines (abstract deadline, final deadline, etc.) are at 11:59pm of the respective date.

Q: Should the abstract be included in the paper?

A: There was a typo in earlier “author guidance” that mistakenly said abstract instead of appendix. An abstract should be included in the paper. The sentence in the author guidelines that was sent via email to authors that submitted abstracts to the full paper track should have read:

Adhere to the 9 content pages + references formatting rule. No appendix is allowed.

Q: What template should I use?

A: The ACM website contains templates for Word and LaTeX (including overleaf). Use the “sigconf” proceedings template for LaTeX and the Interim Template for Word.

If you are using LaTeX, the document class you should use is:


You may also find natbib=true and review=true. Neither are required but can be helpful.

Q: What front matter should be included in my paper manuscripts when I submit it for review?

A: For the review, you can use the default ACM copyright information in the template. CCS concepts and keywords are not required for review but may be required if accepted and published by the ACM.

Q: Can I change the track that my paper is submitted to?

A: Due the the volume of papers and current timeline differences, we are not able to move papers between tracks.

Q: Can I include acknowledgments in my CIKM paper submitted for peer review?

A: If you are submitting a full, short, or applied paper, no: these submissions need to be anonymous. Including an acknowledgment, e.g., to funding sources, will break anonymity to various extent. Please do not include acknowledgments in the submitted version; you will be able to include them in the camera ready. If you need a placeholder for the camera ready, you can state that you will add an acknowledgment if the paper is accepted that will take n lines.